About Janice Hengel

websiteI grew up in a family of “project people”; knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, sewing and more.  We were always busy making things.  In adulthood my career as an occupational therapist focused on purposeful activity as a therapeutic tool.  As a therapist I continued to pursue my ever expanding interests which, in 2010, led to my focus on beadweaving … and the journey began.

Self-taught from books and experience, my pieces are a work in progress.  No two are the same and what I make today often evolves into something new for tomorrow.  As I travel to places like Bali, Indonesia and Cusco, Peru I frequently find beads and other objects to incorporate into my designs.  Mine is a journey in many ways.  My pieces reflect my journeys through interesting and exotic locales.  Wearing them may bring a piece of my story into your life.

My current interest leads me to participate in fine craft shows, consignment and custom work. Although no two items are alike I enjoy creating pieces in the same genre when working with individual clients interested in existing pieces.  I’m always open to new ideas and requests, and will gladly work with your ideas to create your unique piece.

My current partner is Willie, my 8 year old Yorkshire Terrier.  He is with me whenever possible to meet-and-greet.  Just stopping in to say “Hi” to Willie will brighten your day.

I look forward to meeting you. If you find something that tickles your fancy, may it bring you as much pleasure as it has to me in making it.


3 thoughts on “About Janice Hengel

  1. Found you through this website Looks like life is fine for you I have recently retired and we are planning a move a move to NH to be near the kids in the Boston area. I would like to be in touch about your jewelry as it has become my ‘addiction.’

    Also need to share the passing of Pat Stollmack. Hoping you can add some details about her career for a AOTA write up.

    Give me a call 201 294 6690!

    Liz Lannigan

  2. Hey Jan- your work looks wonderful. I love the complexity of your designs. Good luck as you continue your journey of creativity

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